A New Year!

I hope everyone is bring in the New Year safely. We aren't doing much tonight, but I did give myself a whole new look for the new year.

Here's the before:

And here's the new look:

What do you think? Do I have sassitude?

Don't forget: tomorrow I announce the winner for the Starbucks gift card. :)


Giveaways Around the Net

Don't forget I have my own giveaway for a Starbucks gift card. Here are some other fun giveaways:

An Island Life is holding a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to mymommysbracelets.com. I'd love to win the sassy Sweetheart necklace for my daughter. Giveaway ends midnight December 24th.

Made in the USA has a giveaway for a gorgeous Whittemore Chamberstick from Hampshire Pewter. They have a School Bell I could totally use for our homeschooling.

5 Minutes For Mom has a yummy giveaway. you could win a year's worth of Orville popcorn and Netflix movies. Fun stuff! Winner announced January, 1st 2008.

Amanda is giving away lounge set by Amanda and a cute embroidered t-shirt from Creations By Lisa McGrath. Adorable! Deadline is January 1st, 2008.


Starbucks Giveaway!

I wanted to get this posted early this morning, but my day had other plans. I think you will agree this one is worth waiting for. By the way, this is my FIRST giveaway!

When the January blahs hit and the weather is cold and dreary, you can warm up with a $10 Starbucks gift card! Actually, the gift card won't warm you much after the initial excitement of winning, but once you head out to your local Starbucks and grab yourself something steamy, you will be warmed by the drink as well as the thought that this one was free. Wonderful, right?

Want to see the pretty card you could win? I thought you might.

Isn't it cute? Now, what do you have to do to win? Follow these two easy steps to enter my giveaway:

1. See that Subscribe me! button right above my oh so sassy sassitude button? (Hint: It's in the top right sidebar.) Enter your email so you can be notified about giveaways, reviews or things of sassitude. If you are already a subscriber, you are already entered to win.

2. After you subscribe, leave a comment letting me know what you love about Starbucks. This second step is purely optional, but I'd love to hear from you.

Want a double entry? Snag my sassitude button and add it to your sidebar or blog about this giveaway. Include a link so your readers can easily find their way here. Then email me with a link directly to your post about my giveaway. I'll verify you either have the button or posted and then you will have a second entry. My email address is over in the top left sidebar.

When does this yummy giveaway end? December 31st. I'll announce the winner January 1st. Now that's a fun way to begin the New Year, don't you think?

I have to be able to draw the winner, so please don't subscribe as anonymous. I will have no way of knowing how to contact you. I say this because there is one person on there already as anonymous. I can't include you in the giveaway because your email address isn't showing. I'm sorry. I simply have no way of identifying you. Thanks.


Giveaways Around the Net

Life has gotten so busy here which is to be expected when you have company coming for the holidays. I did want to mention two giveaways real quick:

Melody over on Pennies In My Pocket is hosting two. Her first giveaway (and I mean her first one ever) is for a $30 gift certificate to Our Two Peas in a Pod. Read more about it on Melody's blog - they have some neat jewelry. The giveaway ends Sunday, December 16, 2007 @ 11:59 PST.

Bitten by the giveaway bug, Melody has another giveaway this week. You could win a cute Just Like Mama Baby Doll Carrier from Vision Forum. This giveaway ends December 18, 2007 at 10:00pm PST.

Have fun! By the way, this Monday, I'll be hosting my first giveaway. Keep an eye out for that!


Giveaways Around the Net

More fun stuff coming your way. What's nice is even if you don't win, you get great ideas for gifts. Have fun!

MomFinds has a giveaway for a cute P’Kolino Little Reader Chair. The bright colors are fun. I know my two youngest kids would love one.

Are you a baby wearin' mama? Along For the Ride has a wonderful contest for a $250 shopping spree! There are also additional gift certificates you can win. Check it out! You have until midnight on December 31, 2007.

Mamanista! has several fun and sassy giveaways. You are sure to find something you'd like to win there.

I could definitely use this next giveaway. A Mom in Red High Heels is holding a giveaway for a topless undershirt from Blush. As a nursing mama, I'd love to have some of these. This would also be great for my daughter who is getting tall and has trouble with her shirts becoming too short for her.


Fire and Ice Wish List

I'm picky about jewelry, but Fire and Ice as some beautiful pieces. I'm more of a sterling silver gal than gold, although I do occasionally wear it. I also love Amber, so these caught my eye:

Amber Bangle Bracelet
Amber Pear & Square Bracelet
Amber Diamond-Shaped Pendant
Amber Pear Bezel Pendant

I think I'm in love with this Roman glass piece, too:
Roman Glass & Pearl Drop Necklace

I've got to stop looking around this site before I find more things I'd love to add to my wish list. One thing I like (besides all the gorgeous jewelry) is the price range - you can find something inexpensive or you can splurge for that special occasion.

Giveaways Around the Net

Ready for some more great giveaways? Of course you are, so here we go:

SheFinds has a coat to give away and it sure looks cozy. My daughter could use this one. You have until Friday, December 14th, 2007 at 11:59 AM Eastern Time to enter.

An Island Life has a cute LTDchix t-shirt giveaway going on - a great way to bring a little humor into motherhood. Check it out by December 13th.

An Island Life also has a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Warm Biscuit Bedding Company. Lots of fun stuff there. Hurry, this one ends midnight December 9th - that's TONIGHT!

Okay music lovers, here's one for you: 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a giveaway for an Insignia® Shelf System from Best Buy. Winners will be notified Sunday, December 16th.

Another one for music lovers; Stephanie has a giveaway on Close to Home has a fun giveaway for your choice of dance mat. Check out the details and enter to win before she announces the winners on Tuesday, Dec 11th.

Want something educational and classy for your little one? CPA Mom is giving away a set of Little Laureate DVDs on her Did You See That? blog. These look really neat. Check out the details on her blog and enter to win by midnight EST, Thursday, December 13, 2007.

CPA Mom has another giveaway on Did You See That? This one is for a Play Puzzle Farm by Oompa Toys. I know my little girl would love this one. Check it out before the deadline: midnight EST, Wednesday, December 12, 2007.

Where did this week go?

It has flown by and I haven't had a chance to post on here. I'm writing about my crazy and funny week over on My Meandering Mind, so if you need a laugh, check that out. The first story posted today.

I'll announce some giveaways in a bit, but for now, do you like reading? Marnie Pehrson has written a cute Christmas story about the true meaning of Christmas and she's giving it to you as a gift. You can read more about "Miss Humbug" including how to get your own free copy over in my sidebar.

I'm about a third of the way through and it is a cute and fun read so far. Enjoy and check back later for some giveaway announcements.

I'm also testing out some products and will be reviewing and holding some giveaways myself next week. Stay tuned.

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