Hubby bought me a new domain: a dash of sassitude! Come join me over at my new home! I've got the place all spiffied up. I've also got some fun surprises in store over there.


I'm Having a Giveaway...

No, not here, THERE. Check it out for your chance to win A Mother's Heart Knows. :) You only have until Tuesday, April 29th, so don't dilly dally. And there is a question you must answer to qualify. Don't worry, it isn't 'What is your bank account number?' or anything serious like that. This time. hehe


Bloggy Giveaway Hangover Anyone

Wow - over 800 giveaways this round. You know what that means? There are some serious givers out there that know how blessed a person is when they give. I'm still bummed that I missed out on this round (as a giver). Thankfully, we are once again healthy and next time, I'll have something fun planned I'm sure.

I did, however, manage to enter some giveaways. Wowza! There are gift cards, books, clothes, jewelry, toys...so many neat things to possibly win. My fingers feel like nubs and my kids are tired of staring at the back of my head. :)

Life is returning to normal as we hit the end of the giveaways. I've found some new blogs to read. Here are a couple blogs I am enjoying thanks to Bloggy Giveaways:

Marsha from Our School and Other Such Happenings has a gorgeous blog and she has a great sense of humor. :)

The Natural Mommy is another new favorite of mine. I can totally relate to her posts and love her writing style.

Thoughts from Miller Manor is fun to read and I love the look of her blog.

Now, I'm off to enter one or two more giveaways and then the kids and I have some friends to hang out with this afternoon. Bring on the girly chit chat and FOOD. :)


The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

With everyone being sick here, I almost missed this. I wish I could have hosted a giveaway this time because it was such a blast last time! I'm sure there will be another and I hope to be ready for it. :)

In the meantime, there is several hundred giveaways going on right now, so head on over and have fun! (Click on the banner)

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button


Where Have I Been?

We were hit hard by the flu here. Fevers, croup (it sounded like we had some barking seals in the house), sore throats, ear aches, runny noses, stuffed noses, chapped skin, sinus infections, headaches, chills, coughs, throwing up, sleep troubles...it has been loads of fun. I've been so tired, I've spoken nonsense at times lol.

We had to steam the kids, take them out in the cold air, give prescription meds, put Vicks on feet and chests, drink loads of tea, drink plenty of water, eat an immune boosting soup, take honey and lemon mixture, get lots of rest, pray, spend nights sitting up, spend days snuggling sick little ones - it's been exhausting.

I have felt anything but sassy for over a month.

Are we done yet? Not quite. In fact, I'd love to crawl in bed as my ears and throat hurt right now, but I've missed blogging and figured I should let everyone know what's up. Most of the kids are back to healthy. Hubby and I seem to be bring up the tail end of this fun round of the flu.

I will say this - there was a drastic improvement when I kicked the natural remedies into full gear. I'll share some of what I did for a works for me Wednesday post soon. :)

In the midst of the chaos here, my darling hubby bought my own domain for a dash of sassitude and I'm working on setting up a new wordpress blog for it. Only one problem, I can't seem to figure out how to get a second sidebar. If anyone can guide me, I'd be ever so grateful!

It's seriously slowing me down with the launch of the new site. I hope to unveil the new blog soon!

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