Giveaways Around the Net

Tis the season to enter giveaways (sung to deck the halls)...

Christine has another sassy sweet giveaway on her blog from Dates to Diapers and Beyond. You could win a cute hair accessory set and pacifier clip from Ericalyn Designs. Giveaway ends midday on December 3rd.

Superdumb Supervillain is holding a giveaway for three SIZE LARGE nursing shirts by Boob. Giveaway ends December 12th.

Made in the USA has a toy giveaway. You could win a Little Builder and Whimsie Block Set by BEKA, Inc. I'd love this for my little ones. Giveaway ends December 3.

Do you have a little super hero of your own? Then check out The Full Mommy for a chance to win a shirt with a detachable cape from Little Capers. They look so cute! Giveaway ends December 2.


Gift Wrapping Tradition

We have a new Christmas tradition the kids love. It started the Christmas season of 2005. I was seven months pregnant with our youngest and UNCOMFORTABLE! Anyone who has been pregnant knows what I'm talking about.

That year, my in-loves (in laws) were flying in for Christmas and not only were they planning a huge Christmas, but they wanted to give the girls' room and the boys' room a makeover. They had everything shipped here.

I organized the boxes separating gifts from decorations, plus I needed to wrap the gifts from them and from us because there wouldn't be enough time if I waited until my mom-in-love arrived.

There were boxes, some huge, stacked high the length of our hallway. Can we say, overwhelming? I called in my task force aka the kids (we had five at the time). The kids wrapped and decorated presents in shifts, while I marked what was wrapped on my list.

I had them rotate so they couldn't see their own gifts and they only got to see a couple gifts for each person. The kids loved it! They guarded the secrets well, although, they did enjoy the old "I know what you're getting" routine.

I enjoyed watching the clumsy attempts of wrapping by the little ones, the gentle help offered by the older ones, and the creativity they put into it. Some of the gifts look like they were mangled, but it adds to the charm. I wouldn't want perfectly wrapped gifts if it meant losing the precious look of joy on their faces when they announce, "Look, mom, I did it!" (with a little help).

What seemed like a difficult task became a wonderful new tradition. As gifts come in to the house, I write them down, organize the wrapping sessions and check things off. This is one Christmas tradition here to stay. The kids and I look forward to it each year.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Works For Me Wednesday post. If you'd like to play or read more great tips, click on the banner and visit Rocks in My Dryer.


Shopping Deals from Skimbaco

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Skimbaco is having a big sales event with deals going on daily from November 23rd through December 4th. Check out there blog for the goods, too including a chance to win a $200 to Skimbaco. Just click on the banner to go there.

Want to know what I'd spend the $200 on? Maybe these to motivate my darling daughter to keep her socks on:

Or this darling shirt for her:

I'd also love this cute shirt for my son:

If only I'd win the gift certificate. :)

Giveaways Around the Net

Can you believe it will be December in four days! It's become a cliché to say time is flying by, but TIME IS FLYING BY! 2008 is almost here. But Christmas will be here first and on that note, here are some more giveaways. As usual, I'll update today's post as I come across the fun stuff.

Babywearing is such a wonderful bonding time for both mom and baby. To help with that, Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels is having a giveaway for a beautiful red silk sling from Bronwen Handcrafted.

Need some holiday music? Angela at One Baby, Seven Dogs, and a Mommie is giving away the "It's a Wonderful Christmas" CD by Michael W. Smith.

Maybe you need some books to add to your personal library or to give as gifts. Christina has a great fiction giveaway of eight books! The neat thing is that all the books relate to RELATIONSHIPS. I'm always saying relationships are the most important thing to focus on and this giveaway is a neat reminder.

Want something fun AND educational for your little one? Breeni Books is giving away a Jump Start World 2008 1st Grade CD-ROM.

SHHH - I have a secret. Come close so I can whisper it to you. Breeni Books has another giveaway for a fun book called Do Not Open: An Encyclopedia of the World's Best-Kept Secrets. She mentions how the kids would love it, but I'm thinking I'd like to win it for my hubby. :)

Christine over on From dates to diapers and beyond has a giveaway for jewelry from Michabella Creations. The jewelry is gorgeous!

I love books and thankfully all of my kids seem to love them, too. So when I saw the cute ones offered in the giveaway over on Mama Divas, I was excited. I know my two youngest kids would enjoy the Cleo Series by Caroline Mockford.


Giveaways Around the Net

I love Adventures of Odyssey (and so do my kids), so when I read about the giveaway for the Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Samplers over on Oh Amanda, I had to share it with you guys.

Teeny Manolo is having a contest. The prize? Three people have a chance to win gift certificates to Amazon in the amounts of $50, $50 and $150. I could definitely use that for some Christmas shopping.

Don't forget to check out the gift guides over in the sidebar for ideas.

Well Read Child is giving away two "When I Was Young in the Mountains". You can read more about the book and giveaway on her blog.


The Spirit of Christmas

Amanda from Oh Amanda challenged her readers to write about what puts them in the Christmas spirit. Just thinking about Christmas does it for me. I LOVE Christmas. I think about the reason for the season, the gifts I'd like to get or make for those I care about, seeing the anticipation of holiday fun on my kids' faces, decorating, listening to Christmas music, planning our celebration with both old and new traditions...there is so much to look forward to.

This year, I've discovered the fun of bloggy giveaways! WOW - so addicting and exciting. That's one of the reasons I started this blog (and the totally fun name helped). I want to share that fun with others. Speaking of giveaways - check out Oh Amanda's CD giveaway here.

Giveaways Around the Net

Our Blessed Arrows is having a giveaway for a really cute pair of Pedoodles. These are so adorable and sassy. :)

Blessed Nest is giving away a Holiday Decor Starter set from Sterling Pear. It's gorgeous!

Props and Pans is giving away a kickTrak from Babykick. This device makes tracking baby kicks much easier than the old fashioned paper and pencil method. Read the review and enter to win.

Win a 6 Month Subscription to The Tessy & Tab Reading Club from Laura Williams' Musings. You have until Thursday, November 29th, at 11:59PM, EST to enter this week's drawing. Go Here to Enter this Week's Drawing. U.S. Residents Only.

You can win a copy of Word World DVD on the Breeni Books blog.

The Laughs Will Go On is holding a giveaway for a fun and sassy shirt from LTDChix. These will definitely give you and other moms a giggle.

An American in Canada is having a fun and yummy Christmas giveaway sure to put you in the Christmas mood.

Anything to do with chocolate has my attention for sure. Chocolate Bytes (love the name) is having a contest for a chocolate molecule t-shirt from Moleculewear.


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a wonderful day and even if today isn't a holiday, you can still have a day of thanksgiving.


A free ebook for girls

I still have sick kids, so this will be short.

I just signed up for a newsletter from Out of the Nest and Beyond after a friend suggested I check out their website. In honor of Thanksgiving, they are offering their ebook, The ABC's of Proverbs 31 for Girls, as a free download for a limited time. There is also A Woman of Godly Character Chart for download at the bottom of the page. This offer is for subscribers and friends, so I'm letting my friends here know.

While you're there, check out the rest of the website and sign up for the newsletter and menu plan. I've only just subscribed myself, but it sounds like a nice one.

I'm off to snuggle some sick kiddos and praying they are feeling much better by tomorrow. At least we are having a quiet Thanksgiving here at home.


Giveaways and Events Around the Net

I have a couple of sick kids, so my posting time can only be found in small snippets of time. The little ones need lots of snuggling and mothering. I'll update this as I go along today.

Here are a couple of holiday gift guides to help you with your Christmas shopping this year:

Cool Mom Picks Holiday GuideMama Speaks Holiday Gift Guide

The guides have some wonderful gift ideas.

Could you use a new makeup brush set? Check out The Makeup Girl and enter to win.

Visit My Two Boys for a chance to win the Doctor's Suitcase from Moolka.

An Island Life is having a giveaway for a terrific stuffed animal storage solution from Boon. I need one (or two) of these.

Made in the USA is having a giveaway where two people have a chance to win a gift set each from The Rada Kitchen Store.


Blog happenings

No post again today. I'm in the middle of a major blog redesign on my other blog. After a lot of hair pulling, I'm finally getting somewhere. I should have it done by Monday. :)

Then I can combine two of my blogs and have one less blog. I'll still have too many, but I should be able to knock another one off soon. :)

In the meantime, check out the happenings over on the sidebar. Lots of giveaways in progress.


Giveaways Around the Net

5 Minutes for Mom is having a giveaway for a gorgeous retro Pedal Car. If you don't fall head over heels for the pedal car, Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles has other cool items you could use a gift certificate on. Personally, I'm torn between the car and a retro record player.


Win a Sling

I'm not sure how long this contest lasts, but you have the chance to win a sling of your choice from Mod Mum over on The Domestic Diva blog.

I use a wrap, but would love to try a pouch sling. It would be so much faster to put it on and pop the baby in for fast trips to the store. :) Mod Mum has some really cute ones, too.

Christmas List for Grandparents

My mom asked me to email her an early Christmas list for the grandkids this year. She wanted time to mail them all out rather than try and bring them on the airplane with her. I don't blame her. I have six kids so you can imagine how heavy that would get even at one gift per person.

But I also knew how easy it would be if my mom would shop online and have everything shipped here. My mom has emailed, chatted and a few other things, but shopping online? Not so much.

I had to introduce her to this wonderful way of beating the holiday madness at the local stores and post office.

I created a public wish list on Amazon and put the child's name in the comment box for each item. Any gift idea not available on Amazon or if I could find it cheaper, I added a direct link to the item. Then I put prices next to everything to help her choose the price range she wanted.

Since she was new to this, I told her to give me a call and I'd walk her through it over the phone. She chose to work solely with the Amazon list and do everything in one transaction at one place. I don't blame her. Shopping online can be intimidating for someone who has never done it before.

When it was all done and she'd set up her account, I mentioned that this would be a great way for her to shop for birthday items, too. She's hooked.

This takes the Christmas List to a whole new level of ease for grandparents. Even more so for those who don't live close by. They can have it shipped directly to you and either pay a little more for wrapping or you can offer to do wrap it for them as it arrives.

Speaking of wrapping gifts, I have a great family tradition related to Christmas gift wrapping. But you'll have to wait until the next Works for Me Wednesday! Now, go visit Rocks in My Dryer to read great tips from the other players.


Giveaways Around the Net

There are two terrific giveaway events going on right now:

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes and

Go check out the fun. If you know of anymore giveaways. Leave a comment. :) I'll update this post as I come across more.

Updated to add:
A review and giveaway for toxic free cleaning supplies by Lily's Garden Herbals.

The Dorothy Apron from Carolyn's Kitchen have sassitude written all over them. For a chance to win one, check out The Apronista.

Need some stocking stuffers? Hazelnut Kids has sponsored a wonderful giveaway on My Two Boys.

Our Blessed Arrows is giving away some Baby Legs. These are great now that the weather has turned cold (and windy here).


Homemade Mama - Review and Giveaway

I'm thrilled to start off my product reviews with Homemade Mama. Pietra is a WAHM homeschooling her five children and sewing products such as cloth pads, Binky Blankys, nursing pads, and more for other mamas.

I have used Homemade Mama cloth pads for a while now and I love them. The pads are well-made, comfortable, and hold up after many washings. She offers pads in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, styles and fabrics to meet your needs. Mine store nicely in a matching drawstring bag. I love that I can fold them up to fit discreetly in my purse and the small wet bag is great for holding used pads until I'm home again.

Pietra also carries packages for teens in some fun and funky fabrics. I have two teen daughters who use Homemade Mama cloth pads and really like the softer alternative to disposable pads.

If you'd like to learn more, she has an FAQ at the bottom of her cloth pad page. After your try cloth pads, you won't want to go back to the disposables. You can't beat cloth for softness and comfort.

Check out her website and have fun with the Homemade Mama Birthday Celebration November 15th. Homemade Mama turns three and is giving you the gifts. How cool is that? Click on the banner to learn more about the giveaway and then visit the Homemade Mama Website on the 15th.


a dash of sassitude

Welcome to a dash of sassitude which is looking anything but sassy at the moment. You can help me with that. First, let me tell you what a dash of sassitude is all about.

I'll be showcasing items with sass for moms and their darlings, both the little ones and the big ones (that would be your hubby) as I come across them. If I've personally tested something out, I'll post a review.

As a mom of six, I'll review products for moms, children from babies to teens (I'll include their reactions, too) and husbands/dads. I've reviewed books for a couple of years now and I think it will be fun to branch out into other items for review.

I'll also let you know about any fantabulous give aways I come across. At some point, I may even hold giveaways myself. If you'd like to sponsor a giveaway, let me know.

Now, how can you help a dash of sassitude become a fun and sassy place to hang out? I'd like to include your link (or button) if you offer something a sassy mama would appreciate. I especially want to support WAHMs who have a product a mama with sassitude needs to know about.

You can reach me at the email address on the sidebar. Now don't forget to answer the poll under my profile.

Disclaimer: This is a Christian and family friendly site, so please respect that in regards to what you'd like me to review, what you'd like to sponsor in a giveaway, and I'll only link to sites that don't conflict with those two criteria. Thank you.

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