Review and giveaway: Gloves in a Bottle

I wanted to post this yesterday, but the day got away from me much like today. Both days, I've had to leave the house for some errand or appointment THREE times. I was barely home in between. In fact, I'm heading out for the third time today soon. But not before I post this review and giveaway. :)

Gloves in a Bottle
Winter is the season for dry, irritated, itchy skin. Add in the kind of wind that howls through our town (think tumbleweeds blowing down the road - I kid you not), and chaps has a whole 'nother meanin' (I live out west, indulge me).

To add to the mix, I have sensitive skin, and I'm allergic to many scents. I approach skin care items with caution - including lotions. I couldn't resist trying a new one, especially with a name like Gloves in a Bottle. It sounds warm, comfortable, inviting (I love a nice pair of gloves!).

I wasn't disappointed and neither were my kids (they all wanted to try it of course). It goes on nice and absorbs quick making your hands feel moist, but not greasy. The bottle will last quite a while because you only need a little dab to cover your hands (it would also be great for knees, elbows, heels - you know those places that like to crack in the winter?) and it lasts for hours even if you wash your hands.

My favorite feature? It's unscented! I can wear it without my nose itching and a headache forming. I plan on adding a drop or two of essential oil to mine for a light scent.

It really is a great lotion especially for those in a profession where their hands are submerged in water more often than not (hint: it would make a nice gift for a hairdresser and ensure your continued good looks). My daughter, the artist, was surprised to find it in one of her art supply catalogs. She thought it would provide good protection where the paint brush rubs against her hand.

If you want to find out more, check out the Gloves in a Bottle website.

Want to win it? Gloves in a Bottle sent an extra 8 oz. bottle for one of my lucky readers! Go to their website and click on notable customers. Leave a comment on this post telling me which one of their notable customers you think is the coolest. Me? Totally NASCAR! You have until Friday, January 11th to enter. Saturday, I'll randomly select the winner via random.org and announce it here on a dash of sassitude.

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Come back here and leave a SECOND comment telling me which option you chose including the url (directly to the post if applicable) or email address you used. Already subscribed or have my button? Leave that SECOND comment letting me know.

FINE PRINT: Please leave a way for me to contact you or I'll have to select another winner. The winner has one week to respond with their shipping address, or, you guessed it, I'll have to choose another winner.

Now - let the giveaway begin!

7 sassy comments:

windycindy said...

Greetings! I would love to win this hand creme. My niece has Reynaud's Syndrome and anytime it gets below 55*, her hands get red, itchy and very uncomfortable! My two teenage sons also have it, but not as severe!
It is hereditary. Please put me in your drawing for this wonderful contest. Thank you.....Cindi

windycindy said...

Sorry, I forgot to answer the question. This family loves baseball and both my sons play, so I am going to go with the Cleveland Indians! Cindi

Lesha said...

Cleveland Indians

Stacey Moore said...

Ford Motor Company (that's where my dad works!!) thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a nurse so I'll have to choose the American Red Cross

Anonymous said...

I am an email subscriber! I am a nurse so I think that this would be wonderful for my dry hands.

SJ said...

United States Navy! What a service they do for our country! This would be a great product to try - I have very sensitive skin!

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