a dash of sassitude

Welcome to a dash of sassitude which is looking anything but sassy at the moment. You can help me with that. First, let me tell you what a dash of sassitude is all about.

I'll be showcasing items with sass for moms and their darlings, both the little ones and the big ones (that would be your hubby) as I come across them. If I've personally tested something out, I'll post a review.

As a mom of six, I'll review products for moms, children from babies to teens (I'll include their reactions, too) and husbands/dads. I've reviewed books for a couple of years now and I think it will be fun to branch out into other items for review.

I'll also let you know about any fantabulous give aways I come across. At some point, I may even hold giveaways myself. If you'd like to sponsor a giveaway, let me know.

Now, how can you help a dash of sassitude become a fun and sassy place to hang out? I'd like to include your link (or button) if you offer something a sassy mama would appreciate. I especially want to support WAHMs who have a product a mama with sassitude needs to know about.

You can reach me at the email address on the sidebar. Now don't forget to answer the poll under my profile.

Disclaimer: This is a Christian and family friendly site, so please respect that in regards to what you'd like me to review, what you'd like to sponsor in a giveaway, and I'll only link to sites that don't conflict with those two criteria. Thank you.

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Be Inspired Always said...
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Peggy said...

Hi Audra,
I'm actually going to be hosting the celebration on my shopping cart. www.hyenacart.com/homemademama

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