And the winner is...

somebody, but first, a message from the Queen of Sassitude:

Thank you, thank you. Speaking of thank you, thank you for joining in the fun here. I had a blast doing this giveaway and reading everyone's comments. Apparently, the dead plant is the new potted plant look. YES! I'm fashionable!

I will get around to visiting those of you who left a url in their comment, but it may take time. I am a mother of six and the comments on this blog alone were 126. I hosted five giveaways on five different blogs (I'm a blog addict), so you can imagine it might take a while.

Also, thanks to Shannon over on Bloggy Giveaways for making this fun event possible.

One more quick note before I announce the winner. You might want to subscribe to this blog because it is actually a blog where I host giveaways, review items (email me if you'd like me to review your product), and generally dish some sassitude. My email is over in the sidebar, along with my button if you want to share some linky love, and a way to subscribe if anyone is interested (you know you are - DO IT!
) This has been a subliminal message in which you will now have the desire to do one of those things.

Now on to the fun! Who is the winner out of 126 comments? Let's turn to the overworked Random.org:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-02-04 02:07:23 UTC

Number eight is:

Margaret who said...The mug is super cute!

Way to go, Margaret! I'd share some Linky Love, but alas, no URL. So, everyone say congrats in the comments! Margaret, email me with your snail address, so I can mail out your prize. :)

I hope everyone had a lot of fun and come back and visit sometime. If you leave your url, I'll come visit. :)

4 sassy comments:

Randall said...

Hi there Audra Marie! I just wanted to let you know you won my Bloggy Giveaway - a signed Eric Carle "Mister Seahorse" book. Hooray!

I will send you an e-mail to the address you listed in your comment about shipping. Thanks!

Princess Di said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway today. I wanted to tell you that I'd like to exchange links. I'll grab your code and you can grab mine from my blog. :) Love your page by the way and yes, you are sassy. :)

"J" said...

I had a blast and what a GREAT give-away it was! It was so cool to check out so many different blogs! =)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Just wanted to check in and make sure our emails are reaching each other as one of mine to you came back to me... I've got your snail mail address and should be getting your Handy book in the mail today!

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