Skin Care Part 1

I don't really have a skin care regimen in place and my skin shows it. I don't break out a lot, but I have a subtle roughness on my face. My forehead has tiny bumps on it, my skin is dry and sometimes the T-Zone shines. Most of this isn't really noticeable to others, but I see it.

I love applying and trying new things in the art of makeup, but the canvas, my face, could use some improvement. I'm on a hunt for better skin tone and texture.

My plan is to use the Cetaphil knockoff morning and night with just a touch of moisturizer. I'm not going to use any foundation for a while unless I'm having my picture taken because it does even things out a bit.

What do you like to use to cleanse and moisturize your face? What does your facial skin care regimen consist of? Do you wash your face once or twice a day? Or are you more like me and it's a hit or miss routine?

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Jules said...

I have trouble with this myself. I am noticing in the last year my skin has really taken a turn for the worst. As far as texture and overall radiance.

My problem is that when I do go and spend $ on skin care products and use it faithfully it ends up making me break out. It is really frustrating. Especially after spending all that $.

Honestly my skin does best as far as breakouts with just plain bar soap for sensitive skin! Sad huh? But then that leaves the texture and brightness seriously lacking. It doesn't replenish it and it ends up seeming dull but I don't get breakouts quite as bad. (still have some to deal with though)

I have some skin care stuff that currently I am hit and miss on because I am not convinced it doesn't make me break out as well. I am using Nicole Miller Skin Care from Melalueca. I was thinking about trying Proactiv next though.

Then makeup is a whole other story. The best make up for me to avoid breakouts is Bare Minerals. Because I am so bad about being consistant in taking it off it is kind to me and does not clog the pores and cause any further breakouts.

I would love to go and try some new things, take samples and try using something for several weeks and see how I do with it. I was also thinking about a little mini make over (I have had them done in the past and I love buying a couple items, they've always been a best bet since they try it on you and you can see if you like it before you buy it.)

Anyway wow I am rambling again! Oops.

Charlyn said...

I am blessed with great skin. Even as a teenager, I didn't have much trouble with breaking out. Please don't hate me!

I don't wash it regularly.

I use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen in it for day and a "firming" night cream. I don't use foundation. I buy cheap because I am a tightwad. So now I am using Equate products. (Told you!)

I have tried stuff that is billed as wrinkle reducer but it seemed to give me a rash- just at the side of my mouth. When I stopped using it, the rash went away. Now, when I tried it just to make sure, I can feel it tingle in that area and I know it will come back again. So I have to be careful of the new stuff- I don't know what it was that effected me.

Was that too much information?

Princess Di said...

Oh my skin is in terrible condition too. I have found that Mary Kay works best on my skin. My mom used it for years and her skin was great. When I used to sell it, I used it. Now that I don't sell it or use it, my skin has not been the same. I still swear by their products though. Their 3-in-1 Cleanser is awesome. Followed by their Anti-Aging moisturizer. Love it. My skin always feels so smoothe and looks great when I'm using it.

Sweetpeas said...

I had horrible skin as a teenager, and throughout my 20's, then a few years ago I found sugar scrubs, the one I use is this one (that I also sell): http://2sweetpeas.net/LaReesCandles_BathBody_SugarScrub.htm

I alternate it and plain honey (seriously, just get your face good & wet, massage some honey into your skin, and it rinses right off!!) and plain water on days when I'm in a hurry. I've found that these 2 products, which exfoliate (sugar scrub), moisturize (honey & sugar scrub) and heal (honey) combined with NOT stripping out the oils by using soap and other harsh cleansers has been the best thing for my skin!

C-Squared said...

I'm using a Cetaphil knockoff too, hahaha. :D But then I also use a double-application of Benzoyl Peroxide, too.

Sarah said...

I've given up on the knock-off products.

Usually, I use Neutrogena's "visibly even skin" line - worth the extra $2-3.

Right now, I'm using Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and Purity. The combination does make a noticeable difference!

I also use a micro-derm product once a week. This also does wonders for evening out my skin tone and preventing further breakouts.

Mommy Cracked said...

I use BeautiControl cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Most days I go makeup free, though.

C-Squared said...

Benzoyl Peroxide is actually very easy on the skin. That's why I apply it twice. :P It's also good for attacking single zits.

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